How Does it Work?

How we prepare quotes

First we need to look at how many Kilowatt Hours of electricity you use every year.

If your annual usage isn’t available on your electricity bill, you can find it by accessing your utility provider’s online portal.

We’ll analyze your property to determine the most productive and efficient design options.

We’ll prepare a detailed quote and custom design for your property. This will include several design options so you can choose the best fit.

We finalize the estimate by measuring sunlight and calculating shading at your property to provide a highly accurate estimate of how much power you’ll produce every year.

Solar technologies have become very advanced. Even if your roof slopes East or West and has several trees, there may still be good solar potential. Let our Design Experts show you what’s possible at your property.

Grid-Tied Solar

Grid-tied solar allows you to generate clean, renewable energy while maintaining a reliable connection to the grid. Your panels generate direct current electricity which is converted by micro-inverters into the alternating current used in your home and compatible with the grid.

When your solar panels are generating energy, your building uses this electricity first. If you generate more than you need, it flows into the grid for others to use, using a bi-directional meter to track your credits.

This technology is a major contributor to a more resilient and decentralized energy infrastructure.

Net-Metering / Micro-Generation


Micro-inverter technology offers exponentially enhanced energy harvest and reliability over the previous generation of string inverters, which are connected in series so that the performance of the entire array is affected by shading on a single panel without additional expensive hardware.

By contrast, Micro-inverters are installed on each pair of panels and optimize the performance of every panel independently, ensuring the best power production. Any shading of one unit has minimal impact on the overall system. They also do not require any new hardware near your electrical panel as they are connected by trunk cables and traditional breakers in your panel.

Monitoring APP

With the APsystems Electricity Monitoring App, you can watch real-time solar data right on your phone. You can see energy production for the entire array as well as by individual panel, showing you output by day, month, and year. It also calculates energy cost savings and CO2 reduction. (Your array must be in wifi range for to send data to the app).


Grid-tied solar arrays with small Battery Back-up Systems, which ensure some power availability during an outage on the grid, can be ideal for a property’s needs.

It’s important to note that the cost of battery systems can outweigh the cost of a solar array, so in many cases the financial equation is greatly affected. Typical Battery Backup Systems designed to provide roughly 36 hours of emergency storage tend to start around $20,000.

Hard-wiring a generator into your home is a popular alternative, depending on your requirements. This can also be tied into a battery system as a secondary backup.

If you have a home or property that is not tied to or near the grid, off-grid arrays with battery storage are possible in a huge variety of sizes and configurations. Talk to us to look at your options.


Your solar panels will continue to produce energy, with lower efficiency, with a light snow cover. Any more may stop them producing entirely, although they tend to shed snow well when the sun is out.

The important thing to keep in mind is that winter months are the least productive time for solar due to the sun’s low angle and the shortness of the day. Looking at the annualized picture of your solar energy production, losses in the snowy months are insignificant to the total.

Serving BC and Alberta


The final product, including the phone app and website to monitor electricity generation by individual panels in real time is outstanding. We’d highly recommend Infinity Solar!

Chris and Wendy L.

I get to offset my energy bill and take advantage of all the sunshine Kimberley gets! Great system!

Shane T.

Best investment I ever made especially now with the government Green Energy Grant – the Federal government reimbursed me $5,600. This local company does excellent work and I highly recommend them!

Bob W.

This is a big investment and we felt that our questions were answered, even if we ended up asking them twice, and that our emails were responded to promptly. Overall 5 out of 5 stars!

Joyce D.

The clarity and ease of the project, installation and overall experience with Infinity Solar was excellent!

Pieter S.

We had our 17 panel system installed in July and by Dec. 31st we had generated 2,360 kWh – gotta love it!

Bob N.

Love what you folks have done for me. No power bills. No carbon tax. Free fuel for my EV. Not to mention the increased value in my home. Who wouldn’t want to buy a house with no power bills. A no brainer. Doug L.

Doug L.

My hydro bill was a mere $65 for the summer, even with the air conditioning on full tilt and five people in the house! Thank you solar panels!! Thank you Infinity Solar!

Heather M.

Everyone at Infinity Solar was easy to understand and more than willing to help, even when we called the wrong person. We are very satisfied with the installation and the company. Friends who were visiting us saw our solar system layout, and they then purchased a system from the same company on our recommendation.

Ken & Brenda P.

Everything was really great! From the initial quotes, to answering all of our questions, to the final install. We felt taken care of and secure in our decision to use your company.

Laurel G.

I appreciate being able to do things by email/online and that process was easy and efficient. All the staff were knowledgeable and friendly!

Kyla L.

We have been very happy with the installation and the service we received. We are happy to refer Infinity Solar to our friends and family.

Ron & Mary Ann J.

We were really happy with our experience with Infinity Solar. Hannah was especially good, working hard and keeping us informed of what she was doing. She was both professional and personable and we enjoyed working with her.

Lonnie M.