Contractor Network


We are continually seeking skilled electrical firms to work together in meeting the rising demand for solar in BC and Alberta.

Leveraging mutual strengths, we partner with a host of accomplished electrical and construction firms to provide installation and on-site services, allowing us to leverage our technical expertise in design, materials procurement, and project management.

Your local qualified firm installs the materials, our team of solar experts takes care of everything else.


  • Sales and Customer Education
  • Customer Service and Invoicing
  • Net-Metering/Micro-Gen Permits
  • Monitoring and Warranty Support
  • Solar and Electrical System Designs
  • Procurement and Distribution
  • Engineering Approvals
  • Building Permits

Infinity Solar will provide:

  • Installation-ready solar system designs for your crews
  • No-hassle installation opportunities that fit your timelines
  • First right of refusal for any work referred through you
  • Expertise, support, and on-site training
  • Parts and equipment procurement
  • Start to finish customer service and communication
  • Client account management and invoicing
  • Warranty support and post-install customer care


  • We’ll provide marketing materials to support awareness in your community
  • You’ll get a co-branded solar estimate form link for your website to track your referrals
  • We’ll include your service area in our advertising and ensure your logo on our website

As a Partner You’ll Get:

  • Training and Job-Shadowing Opportunities
  • ISG Resource Library Videos
  • Installation Guidebooks
  • OEM Installation Manuals
  • Completion Checklists
  • Co-Branded Marketing Material
  • On-Demand Support and Consultation
  • A Great Long-Term Partnership

After Installation:

Our remote technical support and monitoring services are provided to customers without charge. Whenever a physical service call is necessary, labour and travel will be subject to your hourly rate.

To learn more about our Contractor Network Partnerships, contact our Ownership Team and Master Electricians.


The final product, including the phone app and website to monitor electricity generation by individual panels in real time is outstanding. We’d highly recommend Infinity Solar!

Chris and Wendy L.

I get to offset my energy bill and take advantage of all the sunshine Kimberley gets! Great system!

Shane T.

Best investment I ever made especially now with the government Green Energy Grant – the Federal government reimbursed me $5,600. This local company does excellent work and I highly recommend them!

Bob W.

This is a big investment and we felt that our questions were answered, even if we ended up asking them twice, and that our emails were responded to promptly. Overall 5 out of 5 stars!

Joyce D.

The clarity and ease of the project, installation and overall experience with Infinity Solar was excellent!

Pieter S.

We had our 17 panel system installed in July and by Dec. 31st we had generated 2,360 kWh – gotta love it!

Bob N.

Love what you folks have done for me. No power bills. No carbon tax. Free fuel for my EV. Not to mention the increased value in my home. Who wouldn’t want to buy a house with no power bills. A no brainer. Doug L.

Doug L.

My hydro bill was a mere $65 for the summer, even with the air conditioning on full tilt and five people in the house! Thank you solar panels!! Thank you Infinity Solar!

Heather M.

Everyone at Infinity Solar was easy to understand and more than willing to help, even when we called the wrong person. We are very satisfied with the installation and the company. Friends who were visiting us saw our solar system layout, and they then purchased a system from the same company on our recommendation.

Ken & Brenda P.

Everything was really great! From the initial quotes, to answering all of our questions, to the final install. We felt taken care of and secure in our decision to use your company.

Laurel G.

I appreciate being able to do things by email/online and that process was easy and efficient. All the staff were knowledgeable and friendly!

Kyla L.

We have been very happy with the installation and the service we received. We are happy to refer Infinity Solar to our friends and family.

Ron & Mary Ann J.

We were really happy with our experience with Infinity Solar. Hannah was especially good, working hard and keeping us informed of what she was doing. She was both professional and personable and we enjoyed working with her.

Lonnie M.